2017 Primary Voters' Guide
State Senator
1-year unexpired term
Legislative District 45

Coming Soon
Jinyoung Lee Englund
(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: After years of public service, I am a first time candidate.

Other Professional Experience: Ten years technology and public policy experience solving problems: securing funding for an NGO providing clean water in Africa; serving constituents in Congress; educating the public, government and law enforcement on Bitcoin and Blockchain; and Product Manager and Advisor on Technology and Innovation for U.S. Marine Corps.

Education: University of Washington, BA; US State Department Gilman International Scholar

Community Service: Behavioral Health Prevention, USMC & USO Alcohol Reduction Initiative; Chapter Founder, In Gear Career; Fundraising, Special Olympics Washington, Rescue: Freedom International, Bellevue Korean Language and Culture School

Statement: I am running to be an independent voice for the Eastside; to stop a state income tax, prioritize funding our schools, and get traffic moving again.

We in the 45th District have repeatedly said “no” to an income tax, including a capital gains tax and Seattle’s proposed “high earner” tax. New and higher taxes, including the car tab increase, hurt our community.

I am the daughter of a disabled U.S. Army veteran and happily married to an active duty Marine forward deployed in Asia. Like many families, my husband, Geoff, and I chose to live here so when the time comes, we can send our children to our outstanding public schools. I will block tax increases that threaten to drive retirees from their lifelong homes and protect our quality of life by preventing legal heroin injection sites from being imposed on us.

Our beloved Senator Andy Hill passed away last year. While I cannot fill his shoes, I am committed to continuing his work to build a compassionate state government that lives within its means and prioritizes education. I humbly ask for your vote to ensure we have an independent voice and a balance of power in Olympia.

(425) 420-5345