2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Marco Brown

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: Real Estate Sales

Education: BA. Degree, California State University Long Beach 

Community Service: I was appointed Belfair Fire Commissioner Dist.2 in 2005 and was also in 2008 a Board Member of Mason County Humane Society. I am currently with the Sheriff Advisory Board of Mason County. 


I am running for state senator, to implement common sense approaches to a myriad of difficult issues facing Mason County.

With new, better and more progressive ideas, I have a new vision for the county so that it does not remain stagnant or subservient to the status quo that has existed for decades. The citizens should no longer tolerate self-serving politicians who are in Olympia for their own self-interests.

The time has come for an ordinary citizen to stand up for the people of Mason County and to recognize and serve their needs. In order to ensure that Olympia recognizes the needs of the county, I will address joblessness, the opioid epidemic, support continued school funding and fight increases in property taxes that have made living in our communities almost unaffordable.

In addition to what I've stated, I will work with legislators to protect our schools from predators that threaten our children and advocate for the needs of all our senior citizens. By working with other elected representatives these objectives and goals can be achieved for a safer, healthier, pristine county we all enjoy and appreciate.  When there is no leadership, society suffers woefully. Elect a leader!

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