2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Rodney Tom

Elected Experience: We elected Rodney four times as our State Representative and Senator. His record of leadership includes serving as Senate Majority Leader of a bi-partisan coalition focused on education reform and funding, and transportation improvements, keeping taxes in check. Rodney Tom was one of the first sponsors of marriage equality and has a stellar voting record defending reproductive and women’s rights. 

Other Professional Experience: Successful business owner, Realtor.

Education: Newport High School. University of Washington. University of Southern California, MBA

Community Service: Won funding for Maydenbauer waterfront park, currently under construction in Bellevue. Former Board member, March of Dimes. Rodney and Deborah have two grown children.

Statement: I’m returning to public life for two main reasons: to advocate for education reforms; and to keep taxes in check. As your Senator, I led the effort to fully fund education, resulting in an additional $9 billion for our schools. But without reforms, this additional money won’t get our students to the high standards demanded in a high tech, global economy. I’ll work to enact reforms that put the best teachers and technology, in every classroom.

I’ve personally knocked on over 34,000 doors in our community. People tell me, “We aren’t Seattle, we’re the Eastside.” Eastside voters want balance and practical solutions from their Senator; socially-progressive, fiscally-responsible leadership.

Since the Great Recession, state revenues are up 72%, and will increase another $4.1 billion next year. For my opponent, that’s still not enough. She sponsored and pushed every new tax conceived in Olympia. I believe we should properly fund government, but your bank account is not an unlimited spigot.

Divisive partisan politics are making people unfriend each other on social media, and in real life. This must change. While I can’t help you with Facebook, I can offer you a chance to vote for a thoughtful, moderate, independent Senator.

(425) 610-9820