2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Mark Greene

Elected Experience: I've been active in politics, intermittently, for 42 years; I'm a politician, but have no elected experience.

Other Professional Experience: U.S. Marine Corps (Veteran), 1972 - 1974; Legal Assistant for two decades; have priorly worked for law firms or independently.

Education: Inver Hills College, Minnesota, AAS Degree

Community Service: Have run the Commoner Local Affairs Committee, under that or affiliated names, since 2004: helped thousands of citizens in Washington with voter registration, government outreach & political affairs.  Additionally, organized the Party of Commons shortly thereafter (name's similar to the House of Commons) -- working politically on behalf of common citizens, as name would indicate.

Statement: The incumbent said she's not a politician (2016 pamphlet), but I've never seen such an orchestrated, grand "puffing up" of a non-politician's political acts, like her reported statement, circa 2014, "We're not necessarily interested in whether nuclear weapons are good or bad," while trying to keep the Sound chock full of them. If anything crystallizes differences between us, philosophically, it's that quote.

Reeves has sponsored multiple "selective morality" bills which rational people may disagree on (like her $4 fee-per-attendance for adult erotic dance clubs bill). Contrarily, I'll defend liberty - Constitution - natural rights, which government must respect.

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