2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Jim Walsh

Elected Experience: Our State Representative

Other Professional Experience: Owner/Publisher, Silver Lake Publishing. 1998-present. Association of American Publishers; Publishers Marketing Association; American Association of Business Publications. PMA/Benjamin Franklin Book Award; AABP Feature Award. Author, co-author or publisher of one national nonfiction bestseller, three regional bestsellers.

Education: Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, Amherst College, Amherst, MA. 1986.

Community Service: Youth basketball coach, Grays Harbor YMCA. 2006-2016. Authorized volunteer/driver, Archdiocese of Seattle. 2006-present. Exhibitor, Aberdeen "Splash Day" Festival. 2008-present. Charter participant, Aberdeen Founder's Day Parade. 2015-present.

Statement: In 2016 we elected Jim Walsh Representative after he promised to fight for our community. Jim’s kept that promise and deserves re-election. Jim promised to fight to fairly fund our local schools, that’s exactly what happened with the reforms to state property taxes. Jim promised to fight the extreme Seattle Agenda that’s forced too many into poverty, and that exactly what he’s done when he defended oyster growers, timber, fishing, the port, and our constitutional rights.

Because Jim fights for the 19th District --not for agendas from other places-- our community is already doing better. Let’s reelect him!

(360) 532-5758