2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Joel McEntire

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Joel McEntire is a local middle school teacher and U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Sergeant. At the time this statement is being written, he has been activated and will be deployed overseas shortly.

Education: Masters Degree in Mathematics Education from Western Governors University, Bachelors Degree in Evolutionary Ecology from Central Washington University. Graduated from Wahkiakum County High School.

Community Service: Joel McEntire has been a leader in the Boy Scouts, served a two year humanitarian mission to Cleveland, leads a young men’s development group at his church, and coaches the middle school chess team.

Statement: For generations our community enjoyed good jobs, in fact the wealth that built Seattle came from the timber, fish and farms of communities just like ours. Today, Seattle repays us by blocking good family wage jobs, mismanaging our timber lands and even allowing an invasive species to destroy our oyster beds. It’s time to say “no more.”

Previously, I’ve voted for my opponent, but his voting record has changed. Honestly, he’s in a tough spot. His leaders are extreme liberals from Seattle with an agenda. I will vote for schools, jobs and to defend our constitutional rights.

(360) 747-2463