2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Jamie Smith

Elected Experience: Union Representative for Puyallup Education Association

Other Professional Experience: Twelve years teaching history as a Public Educator at Puyallup and Rogers High Schools, Cross Country and Track Coach, and Regional Curriculum Trainer for a national non-profit developing courage, commitment, citizenship, integrity, and patriotism in students throughout our nation

Education: Pacific Lutheran University; Bachelor’s, magna cum laude; Master’s, National Board Certified Teacher

Community Service: For my family of nurses, teachers, veterans, and police officers, service is a family value. I’ve worked with the young adult group and raised money to support a women’s shelter, youth mission trips, and service projects at the Puyallup United Methodist Church

Statement: Education, homelessness and affordable housing, healthcare, our shared environment, and traffic are the largest issues facing lawmakers. As a public school teacher I know how these issues affect our children and families. I believe in government of, by, and for the people. I will fight to protect wages to ensure workers are paid what they earn and are secure in their retirement. We citizens need to be represented fairly by our elected officials. We can do better. I will bring to Olympia the leadership you deserve. I am proud to be endorsed by the 25th Legislative District Democrats.

(253) 200-6260