2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Dale Fonk

Elected Experience: First time candidate with considerable experience running successful small businesses and providing hundreds of living wage jobs while serving our community

Other Professional Experience: Operated automotive service centers for 17 years, provided hundreds of good jobs, signed over 20,000 paychecks!  Now a local developer focused on quality construction for small businesses, senior living and assisted care; I understand the importance of housing affordability.

Education: Western Washington University, Business Administration degree 

Community Service: Active Woodinville Rotary member, participated in community and international projects, such as furnishing winter coats to low income kids, renovating local parks and building playgrounds for children in third-world settings.

Statement: I’m grateful to have lived and worked in this community for 35 years. I am the only candidate with experience creating successful businesses and providing living wage jobs, while navigating through well-meaning but burdensome government regulation and taxes. I’ll work to encourage our innovative, economic climate that rewards, not punishes, businesses that create good-paying jobs while protecting the environment.

Practicing open and transparent government; promoting safe, parent-responsive quality schools; and prioritizing spending to pay for a first class education while meeting the needs of the most vulnerable, are my priorities.

Promises made but not kept matter. We were promised $1Billion in property tax relief for 2018 but it did not happen. The promised honest car tab valuations? No, not those either. The promise of open and transparent government? Keeping legislators files and communications secret was passed with virtually no debate or discussion. Elect me to be your State Senator and I will take on these issues, I’ll vote to keep those promises.

Our late Senator Andy Hill addressed the real needs of our state on a bi-partisan basis without raising taxes or creating an income tax. I ask for your vote to continue that commitment.

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