2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Larry A. Hoff

Elected Experience: NW Credit Union Association Board of Directors

Other Professional Experience: Retired CEO of a local credit union, serving over 80,000 members.

Education: USN Petty Officer 2nd Class;  B.S.B.A. Major in Accounting, University of North Dakota; Executive Excellence, Covey Leadership Center; Executive Development, Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Community Service: Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation, Board of Directors; St. Paul Lutheran Church, President, Treasurer; St. Paul Day Care, President, Treasurer; Vancouver Dawn Lions, President; Clark County Department of Community Services, Advisory Board; Longview Noon Rotary, Board of Directors.

Statement: Larry led a credit union through the great recession and helped it become one of the most successful in the state by putting people ahead of profits and carefully investing to help families and small businesses succeed. These same skills and values will make Larry an excellent Representative.

Larry will treat our state budget with the same respect he treated a family’s life savings. He will cut wasteful spending, fight to minimize taxes, and vote to invest where taxpayers get the best return: a superior education system for our children and an efficient transportation network for our economy.

(360) 798-9999