2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Charles Schaefer

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Accountant, small business owner, and have served on several nonprofit boards.

Education: University of Washington

Community Service: I volunteer Friday evenings at Transform Burien, a local organization that provides services to those in need. I have seen first-hand how government has been ineffective at helping these individuals and I believe the solutions can be found in the private sector.

Statement: I believe in transparency and accountability. Both Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly voted to exempt the legislature from the same public disclosure requirements that apply to other government agencies. Additionally, I am not seeking endorsements or support from political groups that will expect favors if I am elected.

I believe in criminal justice reform and that everyone should be equal before the law. I am especially opposed to the death penalty, which costs more to litigate than it would for a life sentence in many cases. I also believe the court system should focus on rehabilitation and restorative justice over punishment wherever possible. There can be no crime without a victim.

I believe everyone should have access to affordable housing, and am disappointed to see that individuals in our district continue to lose their homes. I promote a “housing first” approach and would work to remove regulatory barriers that restrict the housing supply as well as providing protection against non-judicial foreclosures.

I'm a Libertarian because I believe the solutions to these problems lie in empowering individuals and not government. If you agree, I ask for your vote.

(206) 241-0665