2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Annabel Quintero

Elected Experience: This is Annabel's first campaign for public office

Other Professional Experience: Small business owner, education policy consultant and community advocate; formerly worked in real estate, holistic health and advertising

Education: Bachelors in Politcial Science & Master's in Education Policy Studies and Leadership, University of Washington

Community Service: Board member of Vietnamese Friendship Association; Served as the SW Director and the Every Student Succeeds Act Director of the Seattle Council PTSA; Advocate with South King County Discipline Coalition to bring awareness of disproportionate discipline in our communities

Statement: I was born and raised in Seattle and am a proud daughter of immigrant parents who taught me to value civil freedoms and economic opportunity. I can uniquely understand the needs of both long-time and newly arrived residents.

I believe in education. As an education policy consultant, I work with leaders of local organizations to achieve equitable educational outcomes for all children. Education not only improves graduation rates and creates access to good paying jobs and career paths, but it ultimately fuels all economic development.

I believe in inclusion and solve problems by considering all perspectives, learn by listening and then ultimately, taking action. To ensure West Seattle was represented in state education policy. I conducted community-based research that brought diverse people and viewpoints together. Ultimately, we achieved concrete solutions that close opportunity gaps, improve high school graduation rates and address solutions to end disproportionate discipline.

I believe in small businesses. As a serial entreprenuer, I am an advocate for healthy, local small business environments and will work to attract investments in the fastest growing startup segments: women and entrepreneurs of color. I live in West Seattle with my two daughters and would appreciate your vote.

(206) 708-4979