2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Debi Wagner

Elected Experience: Served as a Burien City Council Member and appointed to the South County Area Transportation Board, Port of Seattle Energy and Sustainability Committee, King County Climate Collaboration. Burien Airport Committee. Twice elected President of Citizens Against Sea-Tac Expansion.

Other Professional Experience: Market Research, Customer Service Representative, Quiet-Skies Treasurer, Author, Music Teacher

Education: Chief Sealth H.S., Highline College, Advanced Music Education, Community Police Academy Graduate  

Community Service: I am a volunteer with Transform Burien who provide services for the homeless and needy in Burien, Burien Airport Commitee, Quiet Skies Coalition

Statement: Head tax, Soda tax, Mileage tax, Carbon tax, Sound Transit tax, Puget Sound overtaxed for State School funding, skyrocketing property taxes…had enough? Socialist Progressives provide little spending accountability. These taxes increase homelessness, hurt low-income Seniors, businesses and cost jobs. In interviewing people, many say they don’t align with any party. They are frustrated with partisan wrangling that ignores the real issues. As an Independent, I will reach across the aisle and bring leaders together to solve problems that affect us all.

I will work for you and for:

(1) A State Homelessness model patterned after Utah’s, (2) An effective, sustainable DOT model that reduces current and future traffic problems and eliminates cost overruns, (3) A smart growth management plan that addresses the problems of densification, (4) A State mandated and promised new airport site to relieve the disproportionate noise and air quality impacts from SeaTac that damage health, (5) Environmental and Economic Justice for close-in airport communities, (6) Election reforms-campaign contribution lids, increased funding for PDC enforcement and added campaign regulations, (7) Continued open public records for all elected officials/public agencies and (8) Enforcement of laws applied to gangs, drugs and crime.

(206) 241-1553