2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Matthew Sutherland

Elected Experience: Matthew Sutherland isn't a career politician. His elected experience has been the distinct honor of serving as the Vice Chair of the Whitman County Planning Commission.

Other Professional Experience: Board Member, Pullman Board of Adjustment; Committee Member, Pullman Police Advisory Committee; Non-Commissioned Officer, United States Army; Second Lieutenant, Washington Army National Guard.

Education: B.A. in Political Science from Washington State University, certified into the Physics major; Pursuing an M.A. in Global Security Policy from WSU. 

Community Service: Volunteer Leader, Church Youth Group; Volunteer, Center for Civic Engagement (WSU); Board Member, Michael F. Lange Foundation (supports and promotes global social change and peace).  

Statement: As an NCO in the US Army, Matthew Sutherland went on a humanitarian aid mission to El Salvador. While studying at WSU, he worked at SEL and researched at a Solar Cell Lab. He's running to address the concerns of working families in eastern Washington that have been continually ignored. Like many Americans, he's lived paycheck to paycheck and has been unsure of how to make ends meet. He knows people don't ask for much - good paying jobs, affordable healthcare, and quality schools. Matt will deliver real results for our communities and put people before politics.

(509) 619-6844