2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Jeff Benson

Elected Experience: I hope to start gaining some in 2019 with your vote.  

Other Professional Experience: Waiter, Assistant Manager, Owner of a Construction business, Shipping/Receiving for a warehouse,  Administrative Assistant, and currently a Store Manager

Education: High School Diploma from Enumclaw High School.  2 years of college at Green River Community College.

Community Service: Pediatric Interim Care Center Walk,   Special Olympics Volunteer,  Long time recycler,  Long time conscientious voter, Rock and Roll Marathon  for Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation.  Seattle to Portland Bike Ride.  

Statement: I'm running for office because I'm passionate about making our great state even better. Areas we I think we can improve:

I think it's time to start discussing the idea of Medicare for all in our state. We have great Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals in this state, but not everyone is getting the coverage they need. I will advocate for codetermination. Large companies will be required to elect half of their board of directors by a vote of their employees rather than of their shareholders. This has been shown to build morale and productivity in Germany.

I will also advocate for more solar power in our state. I propose making it mandatory for new buildings to have solar panels on them. I will advocate for a change to our electoral college. Maine and Nebraska have systems that represent the voters of those states more accurately by n ot giving all of their states electoral votes to one candidate. I will propose we model their systems or come up with something similar.

I will always try to be accountable to the citizens of my district and my state. I won't take corporate campaign donations as a way of showing that accountability.

(206) 618-0566