2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Tom Taylor

Elected Experience: Senator, Washington State University (twice elected). Precinct Committee Officer (PCO), Spokane.

Other Professional Experience:
Congressional Internship. Equity Trader. Entrepreneur. Scone Ranger.  And more.

Washington State University, Graduated. Boren Scholarship recipient. Speaks Chinese.

Community Service:
Advocate for transparency in legislative public records. Advocate for 1st Amendment rights of those unlawfully blocked on legislators' political FB pages. Spokane Polls FB group. Spokane Politics FB group. And more.

What is my role as an elected representative? I contend it is to actually "Represent" the needs of Spokane citizens in Olympia. Unlike many politicians who force their views on constituents, I will run these issues by you and Spokane citizens before voting. This will work to ensure legislative accountability and responsibility.

My commitment to the people of Spokane: 1) To inform you about bills and issues without bias. 2) To communicate by phone, email, polling, and in person to learn where you stand on issues. 3) To be your voice in Olympia. 4) To guarantee government transparency.

(509) 828-2843