2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Matt Seymour

Elected Experience: First time running for public office.

Other Professional Experience: 21 years working in Property Management, 13 years as a Small Business Owner, 4 years in Corporate Accounting, and a Substitute Teacher.

Education: BA University of Washington

Community Service: Boy Scouts of America, Waskowitz Outdoor Education Center, Snoqualmie Valley School District, and a two year Christian Mission in Mexico.

Statement: I will focus on long term solutions for the two fastest growing problems in Washington.

Balanced Budget: This year we’ve seen sharp increases to car tabs, gas taxes, sale taxes, property taxes, and even taxes on jobs. Reckless spending is driving up our taxes. I will fight for a responsible budget. Housing: I have an intimate understanding of the housing situation from the perspectives of investors, landlords, tenants, home owners, and those without. Careful zoning adjustments and a more efficient permitting process with upgrades to utility and transportation infrastructure will make vast improvements to our communities. Vote: Matt Seymour

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