2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Petra Bigea

Elected Experience: Delegate - Washington State (2012); Constitutional Rights Activist; Precinct Committee Officer (2 terms); Active - political campaigns.

Other Professional Experience: Director/teacher Christian Kindergarten, Vaslui/Romania (1991-1993); Interpreter/English (1992-1995); CNA, Crista (1996-1997); CNA, Vencor Hospital (1997); CNA/Medical Records Clerk, Northwest Hospital (1998-2001); Medical Records Lead, Summit Cardiology/Northwest Hospital (2001-present); Business owner, Avionics Communication Systems (2008-2010)

Education: Engineering Degree - Animal Sciences (University of Applied Life Sciences, Romania), Certified Nursing Assistant Degree (CAN Institute); AA Degree - Health Information Technology (Shoreline Community College); Supervisory Development Program (Swedish Medical Center)

Community Service: Youth hiking organizer; Dirty needle clean-up projects

Statement: Government's burdensome taxation and intrusive policies have hurt Washingtonians. As an immigrant who witnessed over regulation, I know how government can take away personal freedoms - I am committed to protecting your rights. I will stand against over-taxation which drives people into poverty. Improved work benefit programs are needed to help educate/train lower income communities. I will work for safe neighborhoods; bring viable solutions addressing the opioid crisis, and demand fiscal accountability on how your hard-earned money is spent. Endorsed by Former 21st Senator Gary Nelson, County Councilmen Nate Nehring and Sam Low. Vote Petra For Representative!

(425) 743-7551