2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Beth Broadway

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: Internationally renowned Hebrew teacher of hundreds of students ages 4 to 84

Education: Earned MA in Jewish History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel, 2014

Community Service: Volunteers in various Seattle-area synagogues

Statement: Beth Broadway is a centrist candidate who stands for restoring common sense and fiscal responsibility. If elected she will work to ban Head Taxes and reduce car tabs and property taxes. Economic growth depends on more job opportunities, not less.

Beth believes that rewriting the state budget will allow current tax money to be used more efficiently to fund education, parks, vital road repairs, and law enforcement. Mental health/ addiction treatment is a more effective way to solve homelessness than continuing to fund failed programs. Beth backs the enforcement of existing drug, gun, camping, and vandalism laws.

Beth proposes moving our primary dates to earlier in the year, so that we receive a valid voice in selecting presidential candidates. She supports equal rights and religious freedom for every person. She opposes deporting law-abiding DACA residents, illegal state income taxes, “safe injection sites,” and illegal I-405 tolling.

Beth’s opponent voted no four times on $1 billion in property tax relief and refused to fix dishonest car tab values. Beth will be a Senator who takes care of the people’s biggest concerns rather than ignoring them. Please exercise your democratic rights and vote for Beth Broadway.

(206) 643-3857