2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Mark Smith

Elected Experience: None. Not looking for a full time political career. I offer voters in the 20th District a choice for real change outside of political party or special interest control.

Other Professional Experience:  Owner\Operator, Developer and Builder of Eco Park Resort, and Mt St Helens Adventure Tours since 1992. Prior Financial Management career.   

Education: High School Graduate. 50+ years of Business and Life experience has earned me a degree in Reality and Common Sense.

Community Service: Mt St Helens Citizens Advisory Committee, WDFW Elk Hoof Disease Citizen Advisory Committee, Cowlitz County Building and Planning Advisory Committee, Currently cowlitz county Planning Commission Chairman. 

Statement: I believe in a common sense government, dedicated to the people, over political party lines and special interest.

We must alter the status quo and rein in rouge state agencies like the Department of Ecology and Department of Fish and Wildlife, holding them accountable for their failed management. I have witnessed first hand how these agencies negatively affect our community, crippling our economic development and quality of life. It is for this reason that I ask the people of the 20th district to send me to Olympia as their Representative to protect and serve our present and future generations.

(360) 751-4400