2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Michael Curtis

Elected Experience: This will be my first race.

Other Professional Experience: With 20+ years of experience in engineering a broad range of solutions, I have worked as principle solution architect, consultant, and engineering roles for several companies in the area, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Verizon and AT&T.

Education: Northern Arizona University, Computer Information Technology Administration and Management

Community Service: Married for 14 years and a father, I dedicated my time with PTA, and volunteering for our community. I have spent years working with people of all backgrounds within our community to enrich our collective lives, solve tough issues, and help our community prosper. 

Statement: Candidates will promise to "hear you" or "represent your concerns". I offer more, I am offering technology forward solutions; rather than empty promises. Our district is capable of highly intelligent discourse; which taken collectively can provide a new way to govern in this state. My priorities are funding education, efficient transportation, school safety, fighting unnecessary taxation and reducing the tax burden for elders.

Join me in giving you a real voice. Together we can bring a technological revolution to the legislative process in Olympia. If your legislator doesn't know how to represent you, then upgrade to someone who will. 

(425) 381-6954