2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Dan Harder

Elected Experience: PCO, 43rd Legislative District

Other Professional Experience: Thermal and propulsion engineer at Boeing

Education: BSME University of Oklahoma 1995

Community Service: Street Youth Ministries, Peak-7 Adventures, UGM

Statement: Recently I met a homeless fellow that told me “I’d love to work, most people here would love to help clean up the place to earn a few dollars”. Programs that do just that have worked well in other cities, giving hope and dignity, but regulations make informal employment almost impossible here in Seattle. It’s an example of government getting in the way of the solution.

It’s time for a change. We need more reasonable approaches that have proven effective, and less symbolism. Policy needs to include the realities of human nature and promote positive long-term economic and social outcomes, while respecting the rights and prerogatives of citizens and tax payers. We have to have real conversations to reach real solutions.

I will work - Harder - to ensure accountability in Olympia, and to stop the endless barrage of tax increases and regulatory overreach. My opponent voted “no” four times on $1 billion in property tax relief - I will fight tax increases. He also refused to fix the dishonest car tab valuations and voted to keep his files secret from the public. As your senator I will be transparent and address issues that important to voters, not ignore them.

(206) 880-0265