2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Amber Krabach

Elected Experience: Proud to bring fresh insight to Washington state as my first elected position.

Other Professional Experience: As an inner-city preschool educator (Toledo Country Day, Ohio 1999-2001), and stay-at-home mom (16 years), I am fiercely dedicated to helping others succeed.  I have volunteered as a vocalist at Redmond’s TBCS (4 years), as well as a vocalist, nursery manager, and bible/theology teacher at Woodinville’s Avondale Bible Church (14 years).

Education: BA, Psychology and Music (Albion College, 1999)

Community Service: Aside from singing and teaching, I enjoy doing volunteer philanthropy work for non-profits like Show Hope and Venture Missions.

Statement: Olympia needs change now! Months of adding tax, after tax, and we now catch our representatives attempting to circumvent transparency (I6617)?!? Enough! We throw millions at addiction and homelessness without addressing the underlying causes. The issues are only getting worse! The problem isn’t revenue, it’s poorly prioritized spending

We need transparency and accountability! Three months free from the “obstruction” of bipartisanship, Democrats have all but abandoned representing us to push pet projects through the system. Let’s turn this state around before it’s too late to recover! I am honored to have your vote and will represent you with integrity.

(425) 686-5299