2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Savio Pham

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Senior Vice President of Business Data Services; District Representative of WA-09 Congressional District; Professor of Highline College/Ottawa University; Chief Technology Officer of MHM Resources; Leadership Development Researcher; Speaker at National and International Academic Conferences

Education: Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership – University of Phoenix; Master of Business Administration and Dual Bachelor’s Degrees: IT and Management – Ottawa University

Community Service: Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Examiner; Washington State Quality Award Program Examiner; Leadership Development Trainer for local and national organizations; E-Learning Design and Implementation Lead for VEYM; Editor-in-Chief of Xin-Chao Magazine, 4th Degree Knights of Columbus

Statement: Growing up in Saigon, Vietnam under Communist control, freedom means the world to me. Coming to the U.S. as an 18 years old refugee, I got an education and worked extremely hard to become an American citizen over 20 years ago. I’m truly living the American Dream. It was Washingtonians like former Governor Dan Evans who welcomed Vietnamese to Washington and inspired me to become a Senator.

This same dream is now out of reach for most of our Everett community. Between property tax hikes, home prices, tolls and car-tab fees, the current leadership forces families to make tough decisions while driving jobs out of the region. This must stop! We need new leadership in Olympia.

My opponent voted “No” four times, rejecting $1billion in property tax relief. He refused to fix dishonest car-tab valuations and voted to keep his files secret from the public. Plainly put, he’s ignored our community and our voice to put the needs of his party and special interest first.

As your Senator, I’ll stand up for the Everett region by opposing any higher property taxes, state income tax and heroin injection sites. I’ll bring fiscal accountability to Olympia.

(206) 487-4007