2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Alan Fahnestock

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Experience at various levels in forestry, fisheries, construction industries worldwide.  Retired as VP of a multi-billion-dollar wireless telecommunications infrastructure company.  Subsequent consulting in wireless telecom, finance, and alternative energy.

Education: BA, University of Washington; MA, University of Washington; MBA/MSc, University of London.

Community Service: Volunteer firefighter with Okanogan County Fire District 6; Volunteer at local women's clinic; VP of a substantial HOA;  "Stealth" volunteer with assorted other community organizations.  

Statement: Many elected officials focus on their parties, their careers, and their big donors. I have none of the above. I want to focus on you, the voter, and, more specifically, on the voter who has bigger problems than I do. Healthy, educated, prosperous voters make good decisions, and that's what the state, and the country, need more than anything.

I'm for jobs that will support a family. Affordable healthcare. Education that truly prepares the next generations. Meaningful responses to natural catastrophes. No one can fix everything, but we can give it a our best shot. Let me try.

(509) 341-4241