2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Emmett Smith

Elected Experience: My first office.

Other Professional Experience: Pierce County Security: Armed Security Officer & financial attorney; Examiner, British Council, British Embassy, Beijing China; Adjunct Professor of Law, Beijing Foreign Studies University; Attorney, China National Logging Corporation & Great Wall Drilling Company, China National Petroleum Corporation; Washington Natural Gas Thermal Exploration; Chevron USA, Inc.; Gulf Oil Exploration & Production Company; Middle School & High School Teacher; private legal practice. 

Education: English as a Second Language (ESL); Washington State Teacher Certification; Washington State Bar; Juris Doctor (JD law degree); Masters of Business Administration (MBA); Bachelor of Arts (BA).

Community Service: Citizens For a Healthy Bay.

Statement: Armed Security Officer, teacher, and financial attorney supporting: world class schools producing world class graduates; a single payer healthcare system for all Americans; new streets & roads; safe homes, secure neighborhoods and borders; economic growth creating jobs; preserving clean water and pure air; reducing drug abuse; eliminating homelessness; compassion for senior citizens and the disadvantaged; promoting fiscal responsibility.

Security Officers observe the hardships of the poor and the determination of the immigrant; teachers educate in an environment of disintegrating families; and, attorneys witness the devastating economic impact on families caused by a lack of health insurance. Americans deserve better.

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