2018 Primary Voters' Guide

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Sydney Gillman Wissel

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: I have maintained a successful online clothing resale business for 18 years. Other jobs I have held for a year or more: massage therapist, delivery driver, and food service worker.

Education: Graduate of University Prep, Seattle 1993. BFA, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle 1999. Graduate, Brian Utting School of Massage, Seattle 2001.

Community Service: Seven years as a Girl Scout volunteer, three as a Leader. I have worked with Mountains-to-sound Greenway, Friends of Youth, Northwest Harvest and am an ongoing school volunteer art teacher, field trip driver and event planner. 

Statement: I will represent what you want. Libertarians believe you know what is best for you. It is not the government’s job to decide how to spend your money.

Our infrastructure needs repair, our schools could be so much better and we can achieve much more with the taxes that are already collected. We vote for smaller class sizes, less-expensive alternatives to the waterfront tunnel and are ignored. I envision a state with a balanced budget, transportation and educational options that work for all of us. I offer common-sense, economical solutions to the challenges facing our growing population.

(206) 854-7663