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John R. Kasich

Elected Experience: Ohio Governor, 2010-present; Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives, 1983-2000; Budget Committee Chair U.S. House of Representatives; Senator, Ohio State Senate, 1979-1983

Other Professional Experience: “Heartland with John Kasich”, Anchor on Fox News Channel, 2001-2009; Three-time New York Times bestselling author; Managing Director, Lehman Brothers, 2001-2008

Education: Graduate of Ohio State University, 1974

Community Service: Husband, father, friend, person of faith, leader, change agent. John Kasich is a lot of things.  Through them all runs his honest, direct, authentic, tenacious approach to life that has allowed him, time and again, to do what they said couldn’t be done.

Statement: John Kasich doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Only one candidate for president knows what it takes to shake-up the system and lift America. Why? Because he's done it. In Washington DC he was the chief architect of four balanced budgets--the first time that had happened since 1969 and it hasn't happened since. As governor of Ohio, he eliminated the largest budget shortfall in state history all while cutting taxes by $5 billion. As a result, Ohio has become one of the top job creators in America. As president, John Kasich is prepared to shift power, money and influence back to where it belongs -- the states.

Growing up in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, a working-class town near Pittsburgh, John Kasich learned the importance of lending a hand-up, not a hand out. By growing the economy, he has successfully improved care for those struggling with mental illness, addiction and the working poor. He’s fought against human trafficking and transformed how Ohio approaches community-police relations. Consistently, John Kasich has turned aside from the politics of division that gets us nowhere.

America needs a leader who has the strength, ability and courage to unite our nation and make our country better for our children and grandchildren. John Kasich is that leader.

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