2016 Primary Voters' Guide

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Dave Wilson

Elected Experience: Elected Commissioner for the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training, 2005-2014; served as Vice-Chair 2007-2009, Chair 2009-2012.

Other Professional Experience: President and Founder of Interface College, Spokane 1982-2012. 

Education: MA Education, Gonzaga University; BA, St. Ambrose University, Davenport Iowa.

Community Service: Over 12 years as board member/officer of the Northwest Career College Federation, and Washington State Private School Advisory Committee.  Interface College was a member of the Chamber of Commerce 29 years; I was a member of the K-12 Education committee and chair for two years. I also coached youth sports for thirteen years.   

Statement: Dysfunctional political parties, politicians with extreme agendas, and special interests dominate Congress. This system works for lawmakers and lobbyists, but not the country. I am running for Congress because too few politicians have the courage and leadership skills to stand up to this system and say, "Enough."

There is too much Big Money in elections and lobbying. All that money is legal, but corrupt. Campaign finance reform is one of my top priorities. I pledge not to accept contributions from special interests, and limit individual donations to $500. I also pledge never to become a lobbyist after leaving office.

We also need to address deficits and national debt. Passing on massive debt to future generations is poor economic policy and wrong. I will work with Representatives from both parties to revitalize our economy with pro-growth policies that do not balance our budget on the backs of working families or the poor.

People deserve to be heard, and they deserve a visible, accessible, and responsive Representative. I pledge to hold monthly town hall meetings, and will respond to your inquiries within one business day.

Both parties are unwilling to work together to govern. Extreme voices have too much control, and voters in the broad political center lack representation. Lawmakers should work in a civil, bi-partisan fashion. I pledge not to take part in political maneuvering that leads to shutdown of the federal government or default on its obligations. Government has to work, and I will focus on solutions, not partisan bickering.

My campaign has bi-partisan support. A Representative independent of a party will be able unify voters across the political spectrum. I have the experience and work ethic to be your effective voice in Congress. I hope to earn your trust, respect, and vote.

(509) 981-8353