2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Legislative District 28 - State Senator

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Steve O'Ban
(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: State Senator. Chair, Human Services, Mental Health and Housing. Vice Chair, Law and Justice. Chairs the Children’s Legislative Oversight Committee. Serves on Veterans’ and Military Affairs Committee, and newly-formed Select Committee on Quality Improvement of State Hospitals. Former State Representative, Assistant Floor Leader.

Other Professional Experience: Steve helps small businesses and nonprofits. He defended 8,000 Washington educators in the U.S. Supreme Court when money was taken illegally from their paychecks and used for politics.

Education: University of Washington, Seattle University Law School.

Community Service: Leads a ministry providing refurbished housing, meals, and tutoring for children on the Yakama Indian Reservation. Wife, Laurie, taught at TCC.

Statement: “I grew up delivering newspapers here, raised by a single mom who taught kindergarten. I coached my sons’ baseball teams. One son attended West Point and both serve proudly at JBLM. This is home. I want to make a difference.”

In his first term, Steve is fixing broken government. He investigated the early release of 3,000 prisoners that resulted in two deaths. He won funding to fix I-5 congestion at JBLM…helping to keep the base off the closure list, protecting jobs. He supported education funding (additional $4.5 billion, a 30-year high) and the biggest college tuition cut ever - without raising taxes!

Steve created a training program to fight human trafficking, empowered parents to get their children mental health care denied by bureaucrats, holds government accountable when it fails vulnerable children, and gave orphaned foster kids a legal voice to find loving homes.

Steve makes vets a priority. He authored a tax credit for employers who hire vets, and a program giving college credit for military training. He advocates for better breast cancer screening and authored a law to reduce pregnancy-related deaths. Senator O’Ban works across party lines for results that improve our lives. Vote Steve O’Ban.

(253) 312-1688