2016 Primary Voters' Guide

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Krystol McGee

Elected Experience: I've never run or held any public office.  I'm not a politician or lawyer...just a hard working truck driver who thinks he can make a difference.

Other Professional Experience: I've been a truck driver my whole life (about 40 years worth). 

Education: No information submitted

Community Service: I believe that actions speak louder than words.  I have worked with addicts, the homeless and the hungry.  We are discussing ways to open a "clean house" that would give the homeless in the area a place to shower, change and have a good meal before searching for a job. 

Statement: I'm just a simple, hard working man who believes that our country has veered from the path set forth by our Founding Fathers. I think we need more common sense in our legislation and less pandering.

We need someone willing to take a stand and say no to all the negativity coming out of DC these days. I'm realistic in what I may be able to accomplish. I know one voice standing up and saying no when ridiculous legislation is presented for a vote won't make much of an impact, but we have to start somewhere.

If a bill is presented for a vote that doesn't allow time to read it before the vote I will vote against it no matter how good or bad that bill may be. We need to know what's there before "signing on the bottom line".

I don't want to go to DC to write legislation and create laws...I want to go to protect our citizens from those laws. We need to enforce the laws we have now instead of creating new ones. If a law or regulation is already in place and working, why would we waste our time creating a new one?

I believe every law abiding American citizen has the right to own a weapon to protect life, liberty and home. I will be a strong advocate of our 2nd amendment rights and will oppose any legislation that restricts those rights. I will also fight to repeal any law that restricts those rights.

I believe the Bill of Rights in our Constitution should be followed to the letter with no added or subtracted interpretation. "We The People" should mean something.  

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