2016 Primary Voters' Guide
United States - U.S. Senator

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Philip L. Cornell
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: I have been involved in several political campaigns in the last few years in an effort to advocate for my community.  A mayoral race, A county commissioner race and a children's safety advocacy ballot issue.  I ran for PCO in 2014 (lost 95-35).  All the while I have grown increasingly passionate about applying my own experience protecting the working and middle classes to the national scale during a time of heightened capitalist oppression.

Other Professional Experience: No information submitted

Education: No information submitted

Community Service: I am currently Vice President of the Southwest Olympia Neighborhood Association.

Statement: America has been caught in a torrent of corporate power for too long. Our democracy is endangered when politics become more influenced by big money than by the plights of the people. The middle and working classes deserve fair treatment from our government, especially when it comes to protecting vital American service and labor jobs from offshoring.

Public office should be the pinnacle of public service—if I am elected, it will be.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, I grew up with a particular appreciation for democracy’s ability to empower everyday men and women to fightfor what’s right. During my service in the U.S. Air Force (1966-1970), I moved to Washington State—where I met my wife and together we raised our son. When I entered the civilian workforce, I witnessed instances of poor working conditions, contract violations and management abuse. These issues stuck with me, eventually leading me to serve as a local union steward of Communications Workers of America to uphold the rights of workers. I was a member of the executive board, treasurer, and chairman of the steward education committee. This experience showed me the necessity and the power of making every voice feel heard.

As your Senator, I will demand fair trade over free trade agreements like TPP to protect the American job market and economy. I will also lobby for tuition-free college education and universal access to Medicare, among other key progressive measures. Most importantly, each detail of my platform is centered on your opinions, needs and past subjections to injustice. That’s why I’m leading an insurgent political campaign, supported entirely by individual supporters instead of corporations. I believe that it’s time to take the big money back out of politics and remember the masses. I run for you, America.

I listen to you.

(360) 515-1263