2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 7 - U.S. Representative

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Arun Jhaveri
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: Mayor/City Council Member, Burien, Washington.

Other Professional Experience: Research Engineer, Boeing Company's 747 Airplane Noise Control. Science/Technology Adviser, Seattle Mayor's Office, Urban Technology Program. Energy Management Specialist, John Graham & Company. Engineering Project Manager, US Army Corps of Engineers. Regional Technology Manager, US Department of Energy.

Education: BS General Science, India. BS Engineering Physics, UW. MS Physics, University of Massachusetts. PhD Educational Leadership & Sustainable Development, Seattle University.

Community Service: Board Chairman/Member, Foundation for International Understanding Through Students, UW. Chair/Trustee, Highline Community College. US Department of Energy “Community Service Award”.

Statement: I believe strongly that I am the most qualified person for Congress, with many years of combined urban, community and public service experience. I feel inspired to lead, using my scientific knowledge for the good of our global community.

I have demonstrated effective leadership qualities of progressive, pragmatic and performance-oriented outcomes, associated with solving critical, high-priority problems in the public, private and academic sectors. My real accomplishments are based on successful applications of the universal triad principles of sustainable development: economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social justice. In addition, I remain true to vision, integrity and passion in conducting public service.

My over 40 years of professional experience in the inter-related fields of science, engineering, technology, innovations, energy, environment, global climate change, clean/green renewable resources, sustainability, urban governance, education, economic development and international affairs, have convinced me of an urgent need for more science-based representatives in the US Congress.

I have identified three high-priority problems facing the 7th Congressional District, for which I will start working as a newly elected congressman in early 2017. These are: 1) creation of high-paying family jobs for a trained, young workforce in the fields of clean energy technologies; 2) urgent implementation of the United Nations Global Climate Change Agreement; and 3) accelerated federal funding to help significantly reduce the regional, inter-connected problems of homelessness, mental health, alcohol/drug abuse, veterans’ needs, affordable housing and criminal justice system reforms. As an anticipated member of the appropriate House of Representatives oversight committees, I will make sure that relevant federal programs and policies, as part of the annual budgets regarding science, become efficient and cost effective, with sustainable community benefits.

I am running “Because Science Belongs in Congress” and I’ll be honored to receive your support and vote.

(206) 920-4851