2016 Primary Voters' Guide

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Tom Horne

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Mechanical Engineer working for shipyards, manufacturing plants, natural gas pipeline and consulting engineering firms, mostly in Spokane.   Two years in Saudi Arabian shipyard ‘82 & ‘83.   US Marine Corps Officer, active duty ‘72 - ‘76 in Tank Battalions, reservist till 1980, no combat.   Now Retired.  

Education:  B.S. Mechanical Engineering, WSU, 1972.  Junior High in a Russian public school in Moscow USSR while dad was stationed at the US Embassy, 1961 - 1963.  Spoke Russian well then, now, poorly.   

Community Service:  Volunteer firefighter / EMT with Spokane County Fire District 8 for 5 years 

Statement: I am a Republican running due to disappointment with the establishment Republican leadership that includes the incumbent, Cathy McMorris Rodgers.  If she is influential, or just a token, she is partially responsible for their inept, timid, bought off and stupid performance.  

Inept and timid would be Cathy’s reply to the 2014 State of the Union.  She gave a nearly content free Miss Congeniality speech.  I would have called out the President on his threat to rule with his pen and his phone like in a Banana Republic.  I would have called out the President on Iraq.  In 2009 he was handed a victory to consolidate, that had cost us 4,000 lives and a Trillion dollars.  He threw it away in 2011.  By 2014 the disaster we see there now was already unfolding.  

Bought off.  Immigration laws have not been enforced for over 20 years.  That is not an accident, that is a dishonest policy of both parties.  The labor market is flooded with millions of desperate illegals and nearly a million tech workers, on H1b visas, effectively indentured to the employer sponsoring their visa.  This holds down wages for the big donors, and pleases the open borders crowd at the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board and the US Chamber of Crony Capitalists.  

The stupid part is that most immigrants are Democrat voters in waiting.  

More stupidity is the posing and time wasted on dozens of bills to repeal or defund Obamacare.  None had a chance to become law with Obama President, and they had no agreed plan to replace it.  

If you are happy with the Republican Establishment rolling over for Obama and selling out our workforce and our future for campaign donations, vote for the establishment candidate.  Otherwise vote for Tom Horne.

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