2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Washington State - Superintendent of Public Instruction
State Executive

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Ron Higgins

Elected Experience: Placed second in 2012 OSPI election  

Other Professional Experience: Certificated Math Teacher in Washington and California; Substitute taught all grades, pre-K through 12th; nearly all subjects, including bi-lingual and special education, in dozens of Washington schools, including juvenile justice center; taught in public and charter schools in inner city Los Angeles. School bus driver; Marine Corps helicopter pilot in Vietnam, training officer, retired reserve Lieutenant Colonel; instructor/examiner for Naval and civilian reactor operators    

Education: Two MS degrees, one in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington

Community Service: Boy Scout leader; Youth Soccer Referee; Blood Platelet Donor; Union Gospel Mission volunteer; dedicated recycler   

Statement: Schools should produce men and women skilled in communication, computation, and civics, so they become contributing citizens in our Constitutional Republic, knowledgeable of the principles of liberty upon which our country is based; people who know how to learn, since schooling ends, but learning never should; people who think for themselves, while being able to work well with others; people who have the courage to stand by the truth, even when unpopular.

I plan to: protect the health, safety, and Constitutional rights of students; connect students to the principles of liberty in the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution; promote sobriety and healthy lifestyles; protect personnel from violence; affirm the authority of parents over the education of their children; treat boys as boys and girls as girls; affirm educators’ rights to voluntarily join, or not join, unions; establish a path to graduation for students not planning on college; reduce teachers’ administrative burdens; enhance teachers’ career flexibility; and maintain high literary standards.

I oppose: mandatory vaccinations; federal involvement in education; and government-controlled early childhood education.

I support: parental right to homeschool; the concept of charter schools; and local control of education. I believe in Common Sense, not Common Core!

(509) 578-4738