2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Legislative District 17 - State Senator

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Tim Probst
(Prefers Independent Dem. Party)

Elected Experience: In 2008, Tim ran as an outsider, promising to hold Olympia accountable to taxpayers and work across party lines to end gridlock.  Tim kept his word, was ranked Washington’s lowest-taxing state legislator, and brought both parties together to create Opportunity Scholarships, helping thousands of middle class families afford tuition.  In 2012, Tim left the House to challenge Don Benton.

Other Professional Experience: CEO, Budget Analyst, Workforce Director.

Education: B.A., Notre Dame.

Community Service: Chamber of Commerce's Business Leadership Award.  Founder, Middle Class Alliance.  Skills Center's Legislator of the Year.  Education Legislator of the Year.  Champion for fully funding schools, equal pay for women, and veterans.

Statement: I want to fix things, I reject partisan bickering, and I have a track record of guts, integrity, and success. Stand with me for unity, middle class jobs, and getting the money out of politics. Leaders who stir up division and anger are the root cause of our problems. They bicker while our problems get worse. Real leadership means unity, love toward all people, and smart problem-solving.

Middle class jobs: Our economy is based on the skills and work ethic of our people. I stand for ten independent reforms for working families, including getting high school students more work experience; fiscal responsibility; high-demand job training and apprenticeship; and growing thousands of middle class jobs.

Get the money out of politics: It's just plain wrong that the middle class has less voice today, because we can't write million dollar campaign checks. With courage and unity, let’s stand up and fix this.

I love Clark County and all of its people. Independents, Democrats, and Republicans, we’re all in this together. As your Senator, I'll lead us toward a powerful economy and a unified and compassionate society. Vote for Tim Probst, and build a future we all can be proud of.

(360) 823-6300