2016 Primary Voters' Guide
United States - U.S. Senator

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Alex Tsimerman
(Prefers Standupamerica Party)

Elected Experience: None  

Other Professional Experience: Business, Business consultant and Caregiver for my mother.  

Education: Graduated from college, graduated from University, degree in Engineering and Management in 1973.  

Community Service: Won class action in 1997 for housing discrimination, which included HUD. Won a very unique class action in 2015 against DSHS for stealing $100 million from 50,000 people. Speaking over 850 times in many council chambers, with StandUP-America, about local government corruption to restore our Constition, right to freedom of speech and our fundamental principle - life liberty and pursuit of happiness. You can see Mr. Tsimerman speak in council chambers every day!  President of StandUP-America.us  

Statement: Are we better now than four years ago? Stop fascism with idiotic face.  

StandUPAmerica for Donald Trump and Alex Tsimerman so we can bring America back on track and to common sense – Of, By and For the people. We need to stop Seattle emerald nitwit; a new evil, a new USSR (United Seattle Soviet Republic), a democrat, progressive, liberal, socialist who brought the State to total collapse and pure fascism.  Mr. Tsimerman believes we need to steer our government away from special interests and introducing policies that will put money in people’s pockets, restore love of country and raise our status in the world.  

Our country has been poorly served by the political class, corporation and establishment who value their self-interest over the interests of the United States and its citizens. We need end the corrupting influence of special interests once and for all. Ordinary Americans have lost all power - whether it be economic, political, media or legal.  

Mr. Tsimerman thinks tax burden inhibits economic growth and takes too much from hard working Americans. We must reduce the burden by lowering rates, eliminating loopholes, and simplifying the tax code. We must pay particular attention to fixing our corporate tax structure so capital and jobs will come back to America.  

Mr. Tsimerman believes Democrats and Republicans destroyed jobs in America. We will make college affordable and make sure we fix our healthcare system. With the money we have in the system, all Americans can feel comfortable.  

We need to fix our traffic problem and open HOV lanes to Disabled citizens, Senior citizens and Veterans. We need election financial reform, make everyone equal under Constitution and law, establish citizen court to monitor and evaluate elected officials and limit every elected officials to two terms to stop the “iron cycle” of corruption. 

(206) 324-6264