2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 10 - U.S. Representative

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Jennifer Gigi Ferguson
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: Appointed Assistant Mayor Military Housing;Appointment by Governor; President UP Soccer.

Other Professional Experience: Counseling soldiers and veterans with PTSD, children, families, educating students. As a small business owner  Jennifer created many opportunities for employment.

Education: M.A. Phycology - Marriage and Family Therapy; B.A.. Liberal Arts Evergreen State College; Human Services- TCC Business Administration, Management, Computers and Military Sciences.

Community Service: From human sex trafficking, domestic violence, and police brutality and deadly force to reducing our overwhelming homeless population, lobbying elected officials to acknowledge, enforce and protect our rights. Jennifer has dedicated her career to fighting for children and families.

Statement: Congress needs Representatives who are progressive and will put people first, not corporations which is why we must End Citizens United.  America prospers when its people prosper. Incumbents have done a poor job at that.

As a woman, I have total say over my body, want to be paid a full dollar, and be protected from all forms of discrimination, domination, and persecution. As the wife of a Vietnam Veteran, mom of an Iraq Veteran, and having a son currently serving, I know the cost of war and the pain families endure. I will take care of veteran's and families and I will fight against war until all else has failed. The true cost of war surpasses the war itself.

Homeless is not acceptable, mental health is a real problem, drug addiction laws need changing, our senior's and families must not have to endure home loss due to unscrupulous banks and mortgage companies. Seniors cola needs to be calculated on current prices, not old standards which Congress continues to do.

All children need early childhood education, K-12, and secondary education for preparation in a global economy in every Zip code without lifetime debt. Food, clothing, shelter, medical and dental are basic needs. Program development will move people from state dependent to self-sufficient. Equal pay for equal work! An equitable tax structure that allows small businesses to grow! Creating a green infrastructure for a safe environment and promoting union apprenticeship programs. We need $15 an hour now.

Racial injustice, high school to prison pipeline, humane immigration and criminal justice need reform now!  

I promise to represent the people and stand for the people with honesty, integrity, and an open door policy. My staff and I will be available to you. I ask for your Vote!. Thank you!

(253) 282-9591