2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 3 - U.S. Representative

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L.A. (Worthy) Worthington
(States No Party Preference)

Elected Experience: Politically innocent. Appointed to the Washington State Small Business Improvement Council. University Advisory Council (UMUC) Washington State Food Dealers Association Board. Port Angeles Variance Board. Served at schools and universities.

Other Professional Experience: Business: International Banking T-D Bank, owned and operated grocery store, managed personal property. Professor for UMUC in the Washington D.C. area and at over 25 military bases globally. Teach business at Clark College.  Writer for VBJ and Columbian 

Education: B.A. history, B.A. philosophy, Cal-Poly Pomona, Masters, Drucker School, Claremont, plus Oxford University, Georgetown University, Washington. 

Community Service: Served in communities statewide for over 35 years. 

Statement: I will work for, and represent, the interests of all of us in the 3rd Congressional District— Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and others. Everyone is important! Together we will solve our problems as we create our future. See: www.lworthington.com

As a college professor teaching business and management, I am a natural progressive with a positive vision of what we can do with our land, our natural resources, and our people. As a practical and successful business woman, I value hard work, conservative spending, and careful decision making. I understand the challenges of working families, and the need for family security during troubled times.

My promises to the people of the 3rd congressional district are: to make your tax dollars bring good results; provide transparency on my actions by giving access, via the internet, for you to monitor how I vote; assert strong leadership on all legislation that promotes and resolves our most urgent issues.

My top three priorities are to ensure: we have safe roads and bridges; have a fair and standardized federal election process; increase publically funded education for two years beyond high school for community college career technical education (CTE) job training to stimulate a strong economy.

I will: suggest a simplified national health insurance program while encouraging wellness as a personal responsibility; work to balance the budget by streamlining and reducing government waste; evaluate existing safety-net policies to promote sustainability and encourage independence for those now economically compromised.

To promote fair trade, will require reciprocal trade agreements to secure a strong economic foundation at home. Our changing military requirements need careful assessments and foreign policy decisions will demand collaboration and integration for peace and stability. Finally, to maintain our leadership, I will suggest changes to outdated legislation to secure our viability nationally and globally.

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