2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 9 - U.S. Representative

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Jeary Flener
(States No Party Preference)

Elected Experience: None.

Other Professional Experience: Currently: an aspiring leadership author and nature photographer. Previously: self-employed in direct sales and services, business operations manager for big 4 accounting firm, administrator for community shelter and ministries as well as academic instructor and athletic coach, US Army medical administrative officer.

Education: Evangel University: Major, Psychology; Minor, Military Science.

Community Service: Active member of the American Legion Post 19 Honor Guard, ride leader for Christian Cycling, participant in international medical and leadership development missions as well as Big Climb Seattle, member of Christian Leadership Alliance, Washington Arms Collectors, Washington Trails Association and Pacific Northwest Camaro Club.

Statement: The thoughts and values our founding fathers used to form our Constitution are equally as good for us as it was for them; technology has changed our world but the hopes and dreams of each individual remain firmly rooted in equal opportunity provided through individual freedom. Just as our forefathers cast off the heavy weight of the English crown we must reverse a growing federal government that imposes its will upon local governments and individuals, replacing freedom with regulation and diversity with conformity.

I believe that every individual and each party has valuable contributing ideals and beliefs for the betterment of our country. Like a Constitutionalist I believe in the core philosophies that are within our founding documents and form our Constitution as it is written. Like a Libertarian I believe that we should accept responsibility and therefore the consequences of the choices we freely make. Like a Democrat I am deeply concerned for the welfare of others as well as for our environment. Like a Socialist I am not opposed to governmental management of our nonrenewable natural resources. Like a Republican I believe in responsible spending as well as empowering diverse state and local governments. Ultimately I believe that the federal government should be the least of our governing bodies, it should restrict itself to ensuring the common defense of each US citizen and guaranteeing equal opportunity for all people who are and seek to be citizens of this country in education and business, today and tomorrow. This means that we must have a strong national defense that is supported by an unequalled interstate infrastructure and unbreakable international network. It means that we must establish self-control today to ensure future generations have access to freely seek opportunities without the burden of national debt and loss of resources.

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