2016 Primary Voters' Guide

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Santiago Ramos

Elected Experience: Precinct Committee Officer 

Other Professional Experience: Intern for U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell; Chair of the Human Services Advisory Board for the City of Kirkland; Member of the Governor’s Affirmative Action Policy Committee; Real Estate firm Director of Property Management; Founder , owner and designated broker of Red Rock Real Estate

Education: Masters of Business Administration, Western Washington University; B.A., University of Washington; Lake Washington High School; Institute for a Democratic Future.

Community Service: Board member, University of Washington Multi-Cultural Alumni Partnership; Board member, Salvation Army Eastside Corps; State Committeeman from the 48th Legislative District to the Washington State Democratic Central Committee.

Statement: I believe the 8th Congressional District deserves a Representative that stands for the values of the district. We deserve a Representative that will raise the minimum wage, stand for workers’ rights; fight for equal rights, including equal pay for women, protect our environment, make college more affordable, and serve as a champion for our communities. We need to get this “do nothing” Congress back to work for the people!

I’m running for Congress to ensure that the opportunities that were available to me are available for all Americans. We see these opportunities slipping away. We have a Congress that failed to improve the economy for all Washingtonians. We have a Congress that subsidizes corporations and billionaires while watching incomes decline for ordinary Americans. We cannot afford more of the same over the next two years.

As a small business owner, I understand the needs, and know the value, that small businesses contribute to our community and the economy. Congress must take action to pass the Marketplace Fairness Act and enact other reforms that currently force thousands of Washington businesses to compete at a disadvantage.

We need a Representative that will advocate for every member of our diverse and growing community. We need a Representative that will address the security threats facing our nation. We need a Representative that promotes investment in clean, renewable energy and brings green jobs to our district.

I came to this country as a boy, speaking no English, and achieved the American dream. As an American citizen, I worked while attending college. My parents taught me, and my eight siblings, the values of hard work, integrity, responsibility, and importance of helping others.

I have the sole endorsement of the King County Democrats and endorsement from your elected officials across the district. I appreciate your vote.

(206) 595-8267