2016 Primary Voters' Guide
State Executive

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Justin Murta

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Currently the Account Manager, Benefits West; Owner of Button Pushers Entertainment; Murta Services and Red Pill Records; former teacher at Sunderland University; Account Executive at Benefits West; Sales Coordinator at Health Care Management Administrators and Regence Group Administrators; United States Marine Corps veteran.

Education: Graduate East Lake High School, Sammamish, WA. Graduate of the University of Missouri’s HSSMTI, Attended Bellevue College and Sunderland University.

Community Service: Toys for Tots, Saigon Children’s Charity, Stop the Traffic and Walk for Life (2015)

Statement: I have always been an advocate for reform and equity in the Insurance Industry. I have worked in the insurance industry both as an agent and as an employee benefit consultant. I have sadly witnessed a decline in the health and welfare of our state’s citizens. Washington is in the lowest percentile for all 50 states in terms of performance, affordability and coverage opportunities caused in most part by political infighting, workers’ comp issues, excessive rate regulation, and underwriting restrictions.

The Affordable Care Act has done nothing to address the aging population or the growing dilemma of provider shortages. Rather, it has forced many into the Social Security Benefits earlier and is siphoning funds away from our Seniors and Veterans. I want to reform our current system. I want the increased benefits and reduced rates that market choices will bring us, as well as the freedom to choose our own health insurance.

I want to combat the evils of Tort Law, the excessive spending on defunct government programs and stop corrupt crony political practices from killing our State’s insurance options. I want to provide honest hardworking citizens with affordable insurance coverage. Help me bring sanity to our insurance market.

(425) 377-6304