2016 Primary Voters' Guide

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Keith Arnold

Elected Experience: Seeking first elected job

Other Professional Experience: Proud federal employee, NOAA

Education: Bachelor Science, Accountancy, University of Illinois

Community Service: I continue speaking out for fairness. Fairness includes: ranked choice voting; government and businesses serving the people (not the reverse); quality schools; fair free global trade; not ending analog tv prematurely; clean alternative energy sources; supporting our troops and veterans economically and financially; not starting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or bank bailout; immigration law enforcement focused on abusive employers; progressive tax system for higher incomes; universal healthcare; ProLife (exceptions: rape, incest, significant health risk); UN-focused world unity; ending tyrant judges unconstitutionally bench legislating

Statement: Liars are destroying our Democracy and cheating to steal America. They've abused wealth to seize more wealth and power and obstruct opposition (an argument for progressive taxation). They apply their double standards against you!

Liars get into elected office to make all elected offices their entitlements and become internal domestic terrorists (example: sabotaging transportation). They oppose entitlements for everyone else, but for themselves they want big entitlements (welfare) such as lifelong government jobs and salaries, government provided healthcare and other benefits, and taxpayer funded payoffs for their cronies. They provide government disservice then rig elections to stay in office. This is why the system is broken. They and their cronies are intentionally violating and breaking the system to maintain abusive control and block your voice. Liars' biggest problem: Not everyone is dishonest nor can be bribed, intimidated, scared, or terrorized.

Jobs will come from an economy based on fairness, not one based on entitlements for the top few only.

Note their election sabotage. Destroying the ballots of and denying registration to their opposition supporters. When in office, ignoring true ethics and creating false ethics and rules to keep opponents from running or voting against them. Parties splitting the votes for opposing ideologies by planting stooge candidates who claim to support the ideology of opposing parties and independents. Across America in any election, if all the party and independent ideologies have more than one candidate but one party's ideology has only one candidate, then that's a strong indication that political party is doing all the election planting, rigging, and sabotaging.

We must demand fairness! I will demand fairness as stated above in my Community Service.

I will make the fair choice, not the extreme right, extreme left, Republican, nor Democrat choice. If they disapprove, I could not care less.

(253) 804-2513