2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 6 - U.S. Representative

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Mike Coverdale
(States No Party Preference)

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: Army Warrant Officer Helicopter Pilot. Lead Pilot Rocky Mountain Helicopters EMS Program Columbia, MO. Owner/Designated Broker Windermere Real Estate/Westport Inc for 25 years.

Education: Graduate Ocosta High School, Westport, WA. Graduate U.S. Army Warrant Officer Helicopter Program, Fort Rucker Alabama serving four years in service. Real Estate License / Designated Broker State of Washington since 1992.

Community Service: Fire District 3 Commissioner, Westport Planning Commission, President, Westport Grayland Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Scholarship Auction Chair 11 years, City of Westport Lodging & Tourism Board, Elementary School Facilities Committee and Bond Campaign, Founder and Chair Westport Salmon Tales Festival.

Statement: "We the People . . .," words that resonate now more than ever. The right of every citizen to have a voice in how the country is governed remains one of our most important rights and yet laws have been enacted or interpreted in ways that have shifted power from the people toward political parties, corporations and wealthy individuals.

The vast sums of money flowing into the elective process have stifled the ability of all but the wealthy or those supported by the wealthy to compete for office. Until Citizens United is overturned, the ability for our country to recover from the economic disaster brought on by Wall Street and the ruling class will be greatly hindered.

I am seeking office as an “Independent." For years I held the opinion that the inability to have effective progress at the federal level was due to the ideological differences between the two dominant political parties. It is my contention that we do not elect our representatives to bow to party elites or to answer to the corporations who pour egregious sums of money into their campaign. Too much is at stake.

While all across our great nation there remains vast differences between us on individual issues, the ideal that we should all aspire to is that ours is a government “of the people, by the people and for the people!"

I pledge to you that as your congressman I will represent the interests of the people first and foremost. I have been inspired by the massive outcry from the citizens around this great country who are waking up to the reality of a broken and corrupt government and who are rolling up their sleeves to make a difference for future generations of Americans. My sleeves are rolled up.

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