2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 4 - U.S. Representative

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Clint Didier
(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: No information submitted  

Other Professional Experience: 2000, Presidential appointment to Federal Farm Service Agency; eight year term. 1980, Drafted by Washington Redskins as a tight-end where he played for seven years (including three Super Bowls), followed by two years with the Green Bay Packers. Following his NFL career, he and wife, Kristie and four children returned to Eltopia where today he’s still a hands-on farmer with his three sons. Clint also owns and operates an excavation company.  

Education: 1976, Connell High; 1980. Portland State. Degree in Political Science.  

Community Service: Coached Connell High School football eight years, two state championships. Active Republican Party member.  

Statement: America has always been the land of opportunity.  I have lived the American Dream and I want to preserve that Dream for our posterity.  Today, we’re witnessing the effects of years of a run-away federal government whose countless bureaucratic agencies encroach on every aspect of our lives.  These acts violate our cherished rights embedded in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Rather than acting as its guardian, the federal government has now become the biggest threatto our freedom and the American Dream.

We need to follow our founders’ plan for limited government.  Congress needs to reinforce its vested power over the public purse.  Our nation must secure its borders in order to keep our sovereignty.  Federal agencies have to be reined in, onerous regulations repealed so that our economy can be re-energized, and private property rights have to be respected and protected.  It is America’s moral obligation to make sure our Veterans and Seniors receive the benefits they have earned. I’m weary of a government that has lost respect for the fruits of the people’s labor and is now squandering our children’s inheritance.  

Don’t allow the West-side power brokers to dictate who we elect here in our district.  Your choice is simple; vote for establishment party insiders who will grow government, or you can opt for a citizen’s statesman who means what he says and will stand strong in the Halls of Congress. I pledge to always serve you honestly and honorably.  My door will always be open to you!  I would be humbled to have your vote.

(509) 380-7324