2016 Primary Voters' Guide

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Tony Ventrella

Elected Experience: PCO 41st Legislative District

Other Professional Experience: Host Seattle Seahawks, President Tony Ventrella Productions, Comcast Local Edition/News Makers, Sports Anchor KOMO TV, Sports Director KING-5 TV, Sports Director KIRO 7 TV, Host KIRO 710, Sports Editor Wilton Bulletin, Sports Director WMMM/WDJF FM, Sports Director WNLK, Sports Director WANE TV, US Army, Army Reserves, Village Barber Shop Barber

Education: Bellevue Community College, Norwalk Community College, Wright Technical, Wilton High

Community Service: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, ALS Foundation, Rebuilding Together Seattle, Boy Scouts of America, Older Americans Conference, State Senate Employees Conference, Special Olympics, MADD, Children’s Therapy Center, Elks Club, American Cancer Society, United Way, MDA

Statement: I’m Tony Ventrella, candidate for Congress. I’m not a politician, nor do I aspire to be. After 27 years in local television, and then as online host for the Seattle Seahawks and Sounders FC, I’m seeking public office to continue an extensive history of serving people.

For the past 30 years, I served Washington’s non-profit community tirelessly. As a former member of the U.S. Army and Army Reserves, I served this great country with pride. It’s time to serve my country once again.

I’m just a citizen, like you, stepping up to help our nation move forward. I’m more concerned with listening to the people, rather than the big money interests groups who are splitting our country in half, slowing Congress to a halt.

If we want to see change in the world, we must be that change, and change in Congress starts with removing the influence of big money in our democracy. Only then can we address the other pressing issues of the district, and the country, ranging from climate change to immigration reform, from national security to saving social security, from building sustainable economies for future generations to guaranteeing our veterans receive the benefits they need when they need them.

Change does not come easy, it never has, but change is needed now more than ever. I plan to be an agent in bringing Congress together. We the people are disenchanted and tired of bickering between both sides. I pride myself on building bridges and will spend more time in office working for the people of this country and Washington's 8th Congressional District, than away fundraising for the next campaign.

This is supposed to be an election, after all, not an auction. Each individual vote carries the same value, and I respectfully ask for yours.