2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Legislative District 39 - State Representative Pos. 2

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Shane Driscoll
(Prefers Libertarian Party)

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: Currently employed at Amazon. Prior to that, I’ve tried and failed a lot. Future endeavors will include additional failures until success (as I define it) is achieved.

Education: I attended Liberty University.

Community Service: I’ve taken in the homeless, I randomly buy dinner for families when I’m out, I’m always interested in the giving of my time to someone who needs it. I like to think I’m probably a lot like you, or like you would like to be, or how you know you should be. I am, like you, a work in progress.

Statement: Let’s be creative for a change. Because government cannot do for one without adversely affecting another, perhaps it is time to consider a different approach? Please consider my One for One Pledge on my website. Today, our political debates tend to focus on more government or less government, but no one seems to be talking much about good government. We know there is waste and corruption, and that both run rampant in the two major parties. If you have ever considered voting third party, I ask that this be the year, and humbly ask that you vote for me.

(425) 761-0967