2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Legislative District 43 - State Representative Pos. 1

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John Eddy
(States No Party Preference)

Elected Experience: I have no experience as an elected official.

Other Professional Experience: I have worked in various levels of technical support for 20+ years, and now social media for software developers. I spend my days translating the needs of customers to the language of the people who write software as well as the marketers who try to sell it.

Education: Studied Civil Engineering at Syracuse University.

Community Service: No information submitted  

Statement: I believe political discussion has swayed from civility and compromise into a toxic environment where the gap between our parties engenders "Our way or no way." I am running with no party affiliation because the best way to bridge that gap is to live in it.

I believe my goal is to make decisions that help both our district, and neighboring districts, cities, and states better. I want to return livability and affordability to our region through sick leave mandates, wage minimums, and rent controls. I believe in encouragement over legislation. We can make these things happen together.

(206) 369-3701