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Washington State - Superintendent of Public Instruction
State Executive

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Grazyna Prouty

Elected Experience: Political experience profound: links practice of  legal industry dismissing laws, standards, and  evidence in relation to education, rights of teachers, citizens

Other Professional Experience: Early Childhood Education (8 years) , K-12 (elementary, junior high, high school certified teacher with six endorsements including English, Early Childhood Education, teaching ESL (ELL), Bilingual; College Instructor    Proficient:   English, Polish, Russian ( speaking, writing, reading), familiarity: Latin, German, French, Spanish

Education: MBA (Master of Business Administration), Global Management, City University of Seattle;  the second Master's  degree  in English Philology: English, American Literature, Linguistics - Phonetics, Phonology, Education

Community Service: Volunteering, open letters, testimonies.

Statement: Grazyna credits Polish family (grandparents' twelve children: eight plus four) and Polish teachers for teaching decency, honor, humility, resilience. Gratitude goes to professors at the City University of Seattle MBA Program: for transformations as dark side of leadership surface: ability to identify systems that lack quality, accountability, transparent budgets (participated: W. Edwards Deming's red bead experiment, there).

Grazyna's experience and research of planned agendas, the latest Agenda 21: Bankrupting America into Utopia: One City at a Time, Alexandra Swann, Rosa Koire; John Taylor Gatto: "Ultimate History Lesson of American Education " that theme across with works of Beverly Eakman "Cloning American Mind. Eradicating Morality through Education," Charlotte Iserbyt "How We Got Here," "ABCs of Dumbed Down".

Grazyna communicated 'voluntary' (mandated) Agenda 21 through Open Letters to schools, cities as they implement it with contempt for public, "Common Core: Based on Agenda 21, UNESCO Standards."

Grazyna is against charter schools (unelected boards), Academic Child Abuse (Engelman), Blumenfeld: NEA, standardized testing: examine Candice Bernd: Morna McDermott's Flow Chart matching stop Agenda 21 - Tom DeWeese. Public 'homework" results in awareness on developed 'pipelines' that require push-back as multi-faceted endeavors connect both broad research and experience Grazyna has and 'official language" ('Amtssprache).'

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