2016 Primary Voters' Guide

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Margaret M. Walsh

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: I carried mail, for the United States Postal Service. I have done accounts payable, data entry and inventory control.

Education: I earned an AA from Whatcom CC. I studied residential electric, computer aided drafting, and civil engineering at Bellingham Tech and Yakima Valley CC

Community Service: I have volunteered at the Red Cross and at VA hospitals.

Statement: Free thinking Americans, with intelligence and imagination, are essential defenders of informed voting in our elections. Many, eligible to vote, stay home, if they have a home, by casting their vote, “none of above”. Voting and privacy must be a right with no price. Do you agree?

We can replace lawmakers refusing to audit the military, deny the cost, while supporting endless wars. We can replace lawmakers who pamper the medical insurance industry, deny healthcare to the sick, diverting tax dollars. We can replace lawmakers awarding bank bail outs, ignoring the tragedy of usury fees. We can replace lawmakers giving tax breaks to big business not real job creators. It is the blood, sweat and tears of local owner operations that keep main street together. We can replace lawmakers blindly fast tracking sovereignty shredding global trade agreements.

We have the information and understanding to recall, review, reinvent national defense. War is not the answer. We want soldiers fluent in Medicine, Education, Transportation, etc. We have the information and understanding to the break the medical benefit stranglehold, that ties us to the job. The immediate expansion of single payer Medicare, everybody in, nobody out, provides for local governments, local farmers and families. I lament for the mothers, whose babies should be born into a lifetime of healthcare. We have the information and understanding to tax with authority, financial transactions. The shuffling of money for profit, does not trickle down. Nothing is more expensive than being poor.

We have a lot of assets, let us talk about them. Post Offices, Newspapers, Radio, TV, our 4th estate, will no longer be bought and sold. As planetary peacekeepers, our sacred charges, Mount Rainier, Lake Chelan and the Cascade Corridors, protected for posterity, from privatization. With grace and good fortune, we carry on. Amen.

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