2016 Primary Voters' Guide
Congressional District 6 - U.S. Representative

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Tyler Myles Vega
(Prefers Green Party)

Elected Experience: I am running for office for the second time.  My experience is in life, activism and healthcare.  My resume is that of a tree-sitter and a plain clothes monk.  Now a father, and a person who will always be awake, aware and in contact with my constituents and will vote appropriately on behalf of the people of CD6 and the land we are the stewards of.

Other Professional Experience: I've worked in healthcare and computers all my life and more recently organic farming.

Education: Asociate Arts, Shoreline Community College

Community Service: I've spent my life in service to the greater good.

Statement: There is a revolution afoot. It's clear in the facebook feeds and endless twitters that people are ready for the change. Not just ready, it's considered literally a matter of life and death. There are hordes of us, running for office across the country, eager to make a change for the better. We are done with big money calling the shots. We are awake, we are aware, we are organized. Gone are the days when the two party system can scare us into choosing the lesser evil. Good is here and good is rising to meet the worlds challenges in every corner of our nation. I am a Green, a Berniecrat, a part of the Brand New Congress, a supporter of both senator Bernie Sanders as well as Dr. Jill Stein. I believe in progressive values, environmental responsibility, inclusivity and multi-partisan politics. My passion is in the alliances that cross these boundaries, especially from liberal to conservative. There's so much we agree on. For the rest, I hold my ground and listen carefully.

I invite you to get to know me as much as you have time for, there are many channels available to contact me. There always will be. We need a human in congress for this constituency that has the interests of the people and the land as a focus. We can no longer afford to put corporate, dollar or party interests first. The time has come. The people are awake. The country belongs to US.

(206) 380-8637